5 Things to Know Before Buying Coffee Tables

 5 Things  to Know Before Buying Coffee Tables

The living room is one crucial part of your apartment where you spend a lot of time in. Coming from work, the next thing you want to do after changing clothes is to relax in your living room. You watch your favorite shows, host friends in your living room. But what’s a living room without a coffee table?

To keep your living room tidy without objects like remotes lying around, you need a coffee table with storage.

Choosing a perfect coffee table to buy can be difficult if you are unsure of what to look for. Here are five things to know before buying one for your living room.

1. Size

Size is the first thing to consider when buying a coffee table. One-size-fits-all coffee tables are expensive, so it’s better to go with one that fits perfectly in your room—simple right. Well, there are some factors you should put into consideration to find the perfect match on size. The smartest way to choose a coffee table is to consider the length of your cushions and the largest sofa. Choose a table with the same height as your cushions and considerably two-thirds length of your biggest sofa. The table should also be the same height as the seat of your sofa or slightly lower.

You also consider your height. It’s awkward to have a small table while you are tall. So if you are tall, you might consider buying a bigger coffee table. Alternatively, even though you are tall, but you want your room to have a humble setting. You might want to consider getting a shorter table.

All in all, keep in mind that your table shouldn’t be too small to leave too much space around. On the other, it shouldn’t be too big to limit space for movement. Ideally, you should leave 12 to 18 inches of space between your coffee table and the furniture surrounding it. This is to allow people to pass through the room easily while keeping your table within their reach.

2. Shape

An L-shaped lounge with rectangular sofas should be a big one, so it fits well with a rectangular coffee table. This kind of table is comfortable for everyone to reach for items on top. A big space fits well with a rectangular coffee table. It occupies large spaces perfectly.

However, a rectangular table might be dangerous for a place with children. The corners can harm them. Thus, if you have children around, you might want to consider buying a circular table. If you usually host many people in your living room, a circular table is a good fit. It is easier to maneuver around safely. An oval-shaped table can be easily made with storage cabinets on the side for your remotes and other objects.

Square coffee tables with storage work well to unify seating areas that would otherwise look too spaced out. However, rectangular tables tend to intensify the small-room effect. You might want to forgo these if you have a smaller corner room.

Don’t forget the shape is more than just the coffee table’s surface. Also, consider what’s underneath, especially in terms of concentration, comfort, and convenience. If you spend time seated near your table, buy one that gives you leeway to stretch your legs underneath.

3. Material

When you think of material for a coffee table, you only consider wood. If you are looking for which wood is best for coffee tables you can read more about it here.

Well, you are not the only one. Many people think the same when they think of buying a coffee table. Even though wood is an ever-popular choice, there are many materials for coffee tables, even those with storage. The type of material you choose depends on the color and style of your living room.

Darker wood, such as mahogany, or materials such as marble or metal, fit well in a traditional living room. Acrylic, metal, stone, and glass make a modern home look more beautiful. Leather or faux leather can work well with many room settings, and they are also easy to maintain.

So can you select the best material? Consider its durability and safety, especially when you have small children around.

4. Functionality

The primary factor to consider when buying a coffee table is functionality. What will you use the table for? This determines if your coffee table has to be a plain one, decorative one, or with many shelves. If you want a coffee table to use for storage, you might want to choose one with shelves. They hold everything from kids’ toys to that stash of magazines you will someday read. If you see yourself moving the coffee table a lot, look for a table with wheels for easy movement.

When your friends visit, a coffee table can draw all the attention, making them feel at home. If you are someone who usually has friends, you can buy a glass coffee table with storage. A trunk design is ideal for extra storage options. It gives that sensational feeling to everyone who visits you. A tray top coffee table is perfect for food and drinks with your friends. But if you’re want to aesthetic and unique, a freeform coffee table could be an excellent choice for you.

5. Your budget

Coffee tables range from cheap to very expensive. You need to be sure of how much you are willing to spend. The material used, size, and functionality determine the price. In general, glass tables with storage compartments tend to be more expensive than wood ones.

If your budget is tight, you might want to choose a coffee table with simple plain storage cabinets. Nevertheless, if your budget is flexible, you can put extra designs to meeting the uniqueness you want. The large coffee table requires big pockets as they take more time and material to design. Small coffee might not be perfect for a large living room, but they are reasonably cheap.

Final thoughts

The above points are a guideline to help you find the best coffee table with storage. You can consider all of them and add your own. The trick is to buy something you will be comfortable with and would not regret in the future. Remember, a living room without a coffee table is not complete.

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