10 Best Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage

 10 Best Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee Tables are one of the compact and finest pieces of furniture for cozy living. Especially, the lift-top coffee table with storage brings an extra purpose to it other than stretching legs and serving snacks. The liftable piece of the table reforms itself to a craft station or a work desk.

The storage space beneath the work surface can nicely tuck the mess over the table in no time. With a rightly chosen color, the stylish looking coffee table blends into any size of home taking a little amount of space.

1. Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

This coffee table has topped for its high-end looks and thoughtful design. The table is easy to assemble in spite of its heaviness. It is scratch proof and could be a great investment for dog lovers.

The extendable surface levels up to a perfect height making it extremely convenient to work or to enjoy food.

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

The storage is good enough to throw in anything from tv remotes to two big blankets. Also, it is strong enough to support 2 person meals along with appetizers and drinks.

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The precise instruction manual is of great help for a crisp installation. And all these properties come at a ‘Just-perfect’ price, leaving us surprised.

Colors: Coffee oak, Lintel Oak Finish, Washington Cherry

Quick Bites:

  • Scratch proof
  • Perfect Instructions
  • Breezy assemble

1. Is the surface strong enough to hold a laptop?
It is definitely strong enough to support a laptop.

2. Is the table made of solid wood?
It is made of particle board with a thin lament coating and is heavy-duty.

2. Sauder Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

People who need a coffee table for their small homes and don’t want the room to look cramped, can go for this for its size. The lift-top mechanism is smooth and effortless even when the surface holds some objects.

Sauder Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

It remains sturdy and non-wobbly, and has three partitions, giving an appealing look and better storage. With an uncompromised quality, great design and beautiful finish, this table makes up for every penny spent.

Specifically, the Estate Black Finish color turns the table sleek and attractive.

Colors: Estate Black Finish, Chested Walnut.

Quick Bites:

  • Easy lift mechanism
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth finish

1. What is the depth of the storage area under lift top?
The depth is 5.5”.

2. How high is table top when open?
When the top is fully extended, it is 24 ½” high from floor to top.

3. Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

This wide coffee table is considerably hefty supporting the durability. It comes with a strongly built design and easy-to-follow, humorous instructions. The draw space is well-sufficient for a cat to be placed on, or simply a blanket. The paper laminated top surface is not easily prone to scratches and would be a great hunt for the price.

People who wish to buy a coffee table that lasts quite long can go for this.

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

Colors: craftsman oak finish

Quick Bites:

  • Price worthy
  • Heavy and steady
  • Durable
  • Ample storage

1. What are the dimensions of shelves underneath?
It measures 17 6/18” by 17 ¾”.

2. What tools are required to assemble?
It comes with necessary tools and other than that a screw driver is sufficient. Having power tools makes it a lot faster.

3. Can it handle hot coffee cups/plates?
Sauder suggests to use coasters and exposure to high heat  or moisture can cause the finish to peel or bubble.

4. YAHEETECH Adjustable Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

The YAHEETECH coffee table appears to be simple but owns a great functionality. It comes with strong hinges and is super sturdy. The size of the table is a space saver without trading off the storage space.

YAHEETECH Adjustable Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

The assembly is extremely convenient and is very easy to lift. Looks like the table is tailored to best suit for people who live independently.

Color: Espresso

Quick Bites:

  • Easy setup
  • Adequate Storage Space
  • Easy lift

1. Is there a leg in the centre of the bottom?
   No. It does not have a centre foot.

2. Is coaster for drinks necessary?
   Sauder recommends using coasters while serving.

3. Is it easy to use in place of tv tray?
    Yes. It is.

5. YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

The solid construction of the coffee table in spite of its insignificant heaviness is a great plus. The legs are solid wood, giving the body enough support to not go flimsy. With the body made of compressed wood, this table has a long life span, possesses high quality, and is easy to clean.

YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

The nice shine on the surface made of fibre board with a grainy wood lamination, makes it stylish and attractive. Also, there are three cute cubby holes, for better organisation or could be a perfect place for décor pieces.

Color: Espresso

Quick Bites:

  • Wooden Build
  • Durable
  • 3 partitions
  • Price Worthy

1. Can the storage hold video game controllers?
Yes. Game controllers can be placed in it.

2. Does the spring loosen over time?
No. There are no issues.

6. TANGKULA Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

This coffee table has three color variations wherein the white one has a combo. The work surface with wooden shade and the body in white giving an extravagant look, with the top, glossy and attractive.

TANGKULA Lift Top Coffee Table with storage

It is quite heavy but once set up, it stands firm and strong. The top glides up and down with good stability and does not snap hard while moving it in.

Colors: White, Black, Coffee

Quick Bites:

  • Easy glide
  • Enough storage
  • Easy Assembly

1. Can you set the top at any position or it is just one of those two portions?
It either sits as coffee table or elevates to the maximum. It is not possible to position in-between.

2. When opening up, how stable are the items placed on it?
If open slowly, the items do not stumble and stays perfect.

7. Ashley Bolanburg Lift Top Coffee Table with Drawers

Ashley Bolanburg has put up a unique design parting it from the other coffee tables in the market. The storage is in the form of drawers, leaving the table clutter-free and tidy. The white color is a hit with the base creamy and the top greyish, all in all providing a rustic and farmhouse style look.

Ashley Bolanburg Lift Top Table with Storage

The quality, lift mechanism, storage is perfect and importantly, there is no assembly required. This is best suit for people who  are old and feel putting together time consuming.

Color: Two tone, white

Quick Bites:

  • Abundant storage
  • Unique design
  • 100% assembled

1. Is it comfortable to use a dining chair or sofa when the top is lifted?
Sofa is best suitable for this table.

2. Can you place glass without coaster?
The wood finish is textured and coated and does not damage the surface.

8. Amazon Basics Lift-top Coffee Table With Storage

This coffee table has four color variations – Natural, Black, White, Espresso, with no price differences. It is made of solid wood, with a good design and great quality. The open shelves are an additional storage area or could be a smart place for décor.

Amazon Basics Lift-top Coffee Table With Storage

The hinge mechanism is pre-installed making the assembling easy. The sturdiness of the surface supports for the versatile placement. The work surface gently shuts in, without snapping loud. The overall dimension is well-suited for the ease use of the table.

Colors: Natural, Black, White, Espresso

Quick Bites:

  • Good quality
  • Great dimensions
  • Solid structure

1. Are the corners rounded or squared?
    Corners are squared.

2. Does the lift top come far enough for people to work from their couch?
Yes. It does!

3. How far off the ground it is?
It is 2 inches off the ground.

9. YAHEETECH Modern Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

The aesthetically built coffee table is a value for money. For a noiseless lock of the surface to the base, foam pads are provided at four nooks.

YAHEETECH Modern Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

It is an easy fit for small houses and the solid mechanism is well designed to keep it sturdy. It leaves no stains on an immediate wipe which is great and is easily transportable.

Color: White, Rustic Brown, Espresso

Quick Bites:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy transportation
  • Foam Pads

1. How much is the space from bottom shelf and the floor?
It is 3 inches.

2. How deep is the storage area?
It is 5 inches.

10. Sauder Cannery Bridge Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

This coffee table comes in grey shade with dark brown grains, giving a warmly feel. The lift-top functionality is cool enough to lock smoothly to the base. 

Sauder Cannery Bridge Lift Top Coffee Table with storage

The work surface is scratch-resistant and elevates itself to the right height. Though the assembly is complex, the overall finish turns the effort incredibly worthy.

Color: Mystic Oak Finish

Quick Bites:

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Solid Functionality

1. What type of lift mechanism is used?
Spring lift mechanism

2. With what do you wipe down the table to clean?
 A dry or damp cloth is just enough.


Who would not want a multi-purpose table, that hides the clutter, becomes a workspace, a dining table, study table and yet giving so much area to walk around? With the above list, it is no more hard work to choose the perfect lift top coffee table with storage, that offers the best quality and awesome functionality. Good Luck!

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