Which Wood Is The Best For Coffee Tables?

 Which Wood Is The Best For Coffee Tables?

Getting yourself a coffee table made? Other than the general appeal and aesthetic of the table, it is very important to select the best wood for coffee table wisely. The wood that you select will determine the look and feel of your coffee table. The cost, type, and design of the coffee table also determine the choice of wood selected.

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There are two types of woods in general:

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

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Hardwood is the one that comes from trees that shed their leaves annually. Among the most popular ones are oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, and walnut. 


Oak is one of the most commonly used domestic wood and is rated 1,290 as per the Janka scale. Coffee tables made of oak give a rusty feel and give a traditional look to the room. There are several variants of oak wood including red, white, and blue. The price of your coffee table depends on the wood type that you select.


Ranked 1,450 on the Janka scale, maple wood is considered to be one of the hardest woods for domestic use. If you are looking for something that would last you a long time, maple wood is the one to go for as it is known for its durability. Maple woods has a smooth consistency which gives a glassy finish to the end product. 


Mahogany wood is comparatively softer than Maple and Oak but is widely used for domestic furniture. It is ranked 800 on the Janka scale and is famous for its warm, orange-tinted colors which give off a natural finish. If your coffee table includes designing and craving, mahogany would be the best choice.


Softwood is considered affordable as compared to hardwood. The most commonly used softwoods include pine and fir and poplar.


For a rustic feel on the coffee table, pine can be your best suitable option as the knots and swirls in the natural pattern of pine enhance the interior and add to the ambiance. Pinewood is normally amber in color and is ranked 400 on the Janka scale.


Fir is closer to pine but has fewer knots and swirls. It is durable because of its strength and hardness and is used for sturdier tables. If you are looking for a rustier looking hard table, fir is the best alternative which is also cheaper than hardwood. 


Poplar is ranked as 540 on the Janka scale and is known for its straightness and user-friendly look. It would cost you almost the same is fir but tables made of poplar are easy to paint and handle while adding a design to it.

To Sum it Up

When you are planning to get a coffee table, manufactured wood should be typically avoided as it is not considered to be good quality nor it is water-resistant. Hardwood is used for elegance in the look of tables while softwood gives off a rustic ambiance and is economical comparatively.

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