How To Decorate Your Coffee Table?

 How To Decorate Your Coffee Table?

Are you looking at your coffee table and wondering how you awe your lounge with this simple-looking furniture item? Whether you are looking to make a statement or for mere simplicity, coffee table decorating seems like no easy task. However, after this read, your coffee table will be looking stunning.

A coffee table is a furniture item commonly used as a master centerpiece to wow any living room. Transform yours with the best coffee table decorating techniques today. This article will take you through ten different ways of how to decorate coffee tables.

1. Three distinct items or clusters

Three unique items can give your coffee table a stylish look. And this is commonly known as the rule of three. Pick any three different items of your choice to stand distinctively on the table.

Even though the items may not be only three, you can group them into three groups of item clusters. The distance between each cluster depends on the size of your coffee table. However, be sure not to place them too far apart to maintain a perfectly harmonized look.

2. Simple style

You may prefer a tidy modest look. If all you need is a simple style, place just an item or two on the coffee table. Pick your favorite flower or the latest magazine to sit on the table for a clean, uncluttered finish.

An attractive piece is definitely, what you need to decorate your coffee table well with just one item. So make your best pick. Choose the perfect eye-catching object and place it in the top center of your coffee table.

Decorating coffee tables is no sweat simple is stylish!

3. Divide your coffee table

For larger coffee tables, placing a single or three objects might not bring out the sophisticated look you need. Hence, why not form a grid by dividing your table into sections. Use colorful tape to set a clear boundary for each division.

Imagine each section as a mini coffee table and put your creativity to the test by decorating each segment differently. Give each a part a unique stunning look. Do not be surprised! It looks great.

4. Use objects with different heights

Play around with varying heights makes your table look exquisite. With the tallest item catching the eye, you need it to be an attractive piece. Place two other objects with the same height next to it for a uniform appearance.

You can also enhance the look by making the other two objects of different heights as well. And this will offer an exciting and striking look to not only the coffee table but also your entire living room. So grab those different heights and give your table a long low look to die for.

You can put the highest item in the middle for a more balanced appearance. Alternatively, you could also place the items in an unbalanced order for an outstanding fantastic look.

5. Place a plant

If you are a nature lover, this is just the design you need. A plant will magically complement the artificial surroundings and bring your entire living room to life. Therefore, surprisingly the answer to your decorating mystery might be lying right in your backyard garden.

Choose a low maintenance beautiful plant and place it in an attractive ornamental vase that compliments or contrasts your living room. Whether you decide on a leafy green or colorful flowery plant, the decision is entirely yours. Light up your coffee table with some life!

Gently dropping plants can work amazingly for you. They give a stylish antique look that will wow your coffee table.

6. A decorating rug

With a glass table, its top is not the only thing matters. It being see-through makes decorating the bottom part equally important. A well-designed rug will do the trick.

Rugs come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Go rug shopping and fall in love. The carpet of your choice will give your living room a classy personal feel.

7. Seasonal feel

Invite the season indoors by decorating your coffee table with seasonal compliments. Nothing indicates summertime like a bright yellow flower or seashells for outdoor vibes. Fluffy vase spells fall, and fresh plants say its spring.

To keep your coffee table alive seasonally, rotate the decoration. Pick out something that goes well with the time of the year. It could even be a just magazine!

A basket with the season’s fruits can also help invite the seasonal sensation into your home.

8. Contrasting colors

Playing around with colors is a trending habit that will make your décor look exciting. Look at the colors around your coffee table and even the color of the table itself. Are they bright, neutral, or dull?

For instance, for a neutral table, you could go for bright decorating items. A metallic feel will look exceptionally well with darker tables. For clear tables, any color that contrasts the environment will work correctly to decorate it.

Carefully pick a contrasting color for the item you use to decorate the top of your table.

9. Use a tray or basket

Are you amazed? Well, wait until you see how a tray can move out of the kitchen and work wonders on the coffee table. Rather than ordinarily placing items directly on the table, put them on a tray for a neat look.

Are you wondering how to decorate coffee tables otherwise? Well, alternatively, place the items in a neat basket and give your table an elegant look you are dying for.

10. Decorate just one end

Coffee tables are a piece of furniture rightfully meant to place your mug, magazine, or to stash the remote control. More so, decorating it must not rob you of the luxury of its purpose. Therefore, the idea of shifting all the items to one end might come in handy.

Instead of spreading items over the entire surface, making it look busy, pick one end. This decorating style will not only beautify your coffee table but will leave space for the coffee mug.

Final Verdict

All these styles are lovely for decorating coffee tables. The one you decide on your coffee table decoration depends on your liking. Following these tips will guarantee your coffee table, a flawless professional designer look. So, for decorating coffee tables, choose your favorite technique and transform your living room.

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