How To Make A Coffee Table?

 How To Make A Coffee Table?

How To Make A Coffee Table?: How much time do we invest in choosing the perfect couch, the ideal lamps, some flawless rugs, and most importantly, picture-perfect coffee tables that blend in with the other elements of our living room and up its game?

How much time do we spend on our phones scrolling up and scrolling down the stores to find THE best be-it-anything-ever? It is not wrong to say that all the time, right?

Oh, and there is nothing to worry about as this is the story of every other person you and we know. No matter who they are and what they are looking for, it takes time to find what they want, and when they do find it, it sometimes doesn’t meet the expectations.

Yes. Since you are also finding a chic yet elegant coffee table for your space, let us tell you that the internet is full of millions and millions of options, and you can easily order one but hold on.

Imagine spending months finalizing a coffee table according to your preference, such as size, shape, color, material, and type (as there are so many that one forgets), and then ordering it. Now let us bring it to your notice that buying anything online is not easy. It comes with some associated risks that one tries to ignore as much as possible during the shopping experience. Nonetheless, it is challenging, emotionally, and financially.

Must be wondering how? First of all, spending so much time and energy in finding the best coffee table and then investing money on it to purchase it and then one fine day receiving your package and opening it up only to find out that it does not match the space you bought it for or any room in the house.

An absolute heartbreak that too a bleeding one, well, of course!

But hey! Worry not! What if we tell you that you can save yourself from this miserable heartbreak? Are you wondering how? Let us tell you!

We live in the times of DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest! Creating and crafting anything starting from food to bookmarks to the coffee table is nothing but a piece of deliciously awesome cake. But, only for those wishing actually to create something on their own!

A coffee table is the mainstay of the living room. It holds our remote, drinks, magazines, other tech devices, and puts up with them after dinner madness in coffee talks. So it is obvious when people like you and us expect it to be everything and that means painfully perfect. But nothing in the world is ideal unless you create it on your own. It does take time for things to get perfect, but they do get perfection eventually!

So, without much ado, we are here to tell you about some super-easy steps that you can follow and create a coffee table of your own! Since you, yes, you might be a beginner, we will recommend the most comfortable coffee table that will rock your space’s look.

We will be creating a simple yet chic Industrial Coffee table. We know that you are enthusiastic about making the most complicated one but hey, baby steps! *wink*

Step One – Grab the Material:

One of the essential steps to creating anything is researching and collecting the necessary material required to make a coffee table. For the one we are recommending, you will need some side rails (wooden or steel, your call), Miter Saw, Finish Nailer, Jig Screws, Nails, Wooden board, Drilling machine, wood glue, paint, primer, and brushes.

You might need something according to your style, so it doesn’t matter to keep a room for those but rest assured, the ones mentioned above will be sufficient!

Step Two – Finalize Space and Design:

After getting the material and other stuff needed to build your coffee table, we recommend that you figure out the design you want and where you would like to place it. Your decision will decide the kind of wood board and paint you need to create the desired look.

Step Three – Finalize What Wood is Best for Coffee Tables:

Choosing the right wood for your furniture can be a painful process. The choice of wood for your coffee table is determined by design, aesthetics, cost, or preference of the materials and, most importantly, taste. In this perspective, the type of wood used is as important as the whole look for the wood furniture though selecting the perfect quality of timber can be mystifying sometimes.

This post really helps you to find the best wood for coffee tables.

We know that there are many types of wood, and that has you wondering about the kind of wood we should choose? Then, let us tell you. Wood for a coffee table is further divided into two basic categories:

Softwood is one of the most reasonable wood types. Few of the available softwoods include; fir, pine, poplar, and western red cedar and they provide a rustic ambiance to the furniture.

Hardwood includes oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, birch, and walnut, etc., and provides elegance and class.

Step Four – What size should a coffee table be?

The most critical yet underrated step is to finalize the coffee table size to make its place in your space. Well, usually, a coffee table should be either the same height as your couch or a touch lower than it. Just keep that in mind that your coffee table is not higher than the seating cushion height.

Step Five – Follow the real steps for coffee table creation:

Yes, we are proceeding directly to the steps, as we don’t want you to waste time.

  • Assemble the wood squares and cut it for the tabletop.
  • Get the railing and put wood glue on the long, two-inch-thick sides of the top boards.
  • Cut the pieces of wood for the legs. Worry not. We remember we got the railing to be used to the table.
  • Piece the stuff together after drilling the holes. Then take a piece of wood and begin attaching it to the legs of your choice, wooden or steel, while keeping the kids away from damaging it. As you will start connecting, you will realize how awesome you can be!
  • Prep, prime, and paint. Some of the woods are not in the right condition; therefore, a colorful and vibrant color can be a lifesaver. Start with prepping it with primers and then proceed with the fun task i.e., painting it away”. However, a light-colored tabletop with dark legs wills no wonder to steal the show for a classy and elegant book!

Now you see, how easy and peaceful creating a new coffee table is? And it is super affordable as well. With online orders, you pay shipping charges as well but when you create something on your own, nothing like this happens.

We would love to see some of the designs you will create! So we wish all of you all the very best for the upcoming DIY coffee table creation!

Happy coffee-table-creating!

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